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Get To Know Dr. Lee!

Dr. Andrew Lee and his sweet schnauzer Sawyer

Dr. Andrew Lee is the newest addition to the My Vet Animal Hospital team! We are excited to share a little bit about Dr. Lee with our clients while we are practicing curbside care.

Dr. Lee is a graduate of University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana where he received his doctorate in veterinary medicine as well as receiving his BS in Biochemistry from the University of Illinois-Chicago. As a Chicago area native, he is happy to be helping pets live their best lives in his hometown. Dr. Lee is passionate about forming life-long relationships with clients through education, compassion, trust, and works with owners to be active participants in the healthcare of their pets.

In his free time, Dr. Lee likes to spend time with friends and family, travel, exercise (but hates running), work with his hands, fancying a new whiskey, watches movies, loves to try new cuisine, and also appreciates a lazy Sunday afternoon. He lives with Scout (a sweet mixed breed dog), Sawyer (an energetic Schnauzer) and Lego (a mischievous siamese cat).

*Where are you from? Tell us about yourself!

I grew up in Skokie, Illinois which is a suburb 15 minutes north of Chicago. I currently live in Chicago with my fiance (who is also a veterinarian), Sawyer (a carefree schnauzer), Scout (a sweet mixed breed dog), and Lego (a mischievous siamese mix).

Dr. Lee and Lego

* What interested you in veterinary medicine?

My inspiration for wanting to become a veterinarian came from raising my childhood dog, Lucky. He was a large, formative part of my life growing up and taught me a lot about the human - animal bond. By combining my interests in science, animals, and healthcare, deciding to become a veterinarian was an easy choice.

*What has been your biggest accomplishment as a veterinarian?

Being able to inspire other minority students who aspire to be veterinarians. As an Asian-American veterinarian, I had been presented several opportunities to share my experiences to minority pre-vet students across the country.

* What is the most common question you get asked once someone finds out that you are a veterinarian?

"Do you like animals?"

* What is the most unique/coolest/strangest animal you have ever treated?

I had the opportunity to help out with treatments on a couple of tigers in vet school. I prefer sticking to cats and dogs.

Dr. Lee and Scout

* What do you like to do for fun?

In my free time, I enjoy travelling, trying new foods and bourbons, working out, watching and playing sports, watching movies, and socializing with friends. Some of my favorites include Star Wars, football, and ramen.

* What would you be if you weren't a veterinarian?

In a dream world, I would be a racecar driver. I love cars and I enjoy driving.


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