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What To Expect When You're Social Distancing

What To Expect When You’re Social Distancing

Scheduling Your Visit:

When you call My Vet Animal Hospital to schedule your appointment, our friendly coordinators will be reviewing some questions with you regarding recent travel history or potential exposure to COVID-19. This will not impact how we treat your pet, but what level of personal protective equipment the team may need to wear in order to protect ourselves. In order to continue to provide services to the pets of our community, the health and safety of our staff remains a top priority.

Depending on the scheduled appointment date, our Client Care Coordinator may take your patient history over the phone to complete your check in for the exam. Please be aware of any medication refills or vaccine certificates that you may need at the time of your exam so we can prepare those for you as needed. If you are scheduling for a later date, we will complete your check in when we call to confirm the appointment.

Your Appointment:

It can be hard to imagine what is happening inside the hospital, but rest assured we are practicing the same measure of safety amongst ourselves while taking care of our patients and providing them with lots of Fear Free love and attention! We all want to remain healthy to be able to continue to be here for you and your pets.

Please call the hospital when you arrive for your appointment. Please be aware that we have been experiencing a high volume of calls and if you do not get through the first time, please try again. Our coordinators are monitoring the schedule and may be alerting the treatment staff to your arrival when we see you walking up.

A member of our team will meet you outside. Please keep your pet’s belongings (leash, toys, blankets) with you. No personal belongings are allowed in the hospital. For dogs, we ask clients to get out of their car and meet us on the sidewalk. If you need assistance, please let us know upon arrival. We will use our own safety leads to bring your pet inside. For cats, we ask clients to hand us the carrier. If your pet needs a gurney, we will bring one with us at that time.

We love the creative ways our clients are handling this time of social distancing. If you are having a new lump examined, don’t be afraid to circle it with a non-toxic, washable marker! Send a love note with your pet highlighting any new concerns! In times like these we have to think outside the box and we appreciate you taking the time to help us!

After your pet’s examination, a doctor will give you a call to discuss their recommendations. Please make sure that you have provided us with the phone number to reach you on! We will present you with a financial treatment plan as well at that time if requested. After diagnostics and/or treatments have been performed a team member will give you a call to discuss the results. At the time of discharge, your pet will receive an electronic discharge via email unless otherwise requested. We will gladly take payment over the phone and email you the finalized invoice to remain contact-free.

Medication Refills:

• We are offering contact-free pick up or online ordering with home delivery through our online pharmacy at for all medication refills. We are offering a $5 off coupon for first time orders with the coupon code: HELLO20

Please call the hospital upon arrival and we will collect payment over the phone and place the medications or prescription food in the contact-free pick up.

Vaccine Certificates and Hospital Medication/Food Pick-Up:

Please feel free to email us at and we will gladly send your updated vaccine certificate to your personal email, grooming facility, or daycare.

For hospital pick-up of food and medication orders, please email us at and we will have your items filled and call you when they are ready for pick up.

We thank you for your patience as we navigate through this period of social distancing!

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