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Introducing GuardianVets!

In our mission to provide our clients with unmatched, personalized pet care, we are constantly striving to provide you the best care possible, therefore, we have now partnered with GuardianVets to provide you after-hours veterinary care support!

Starting April 2nd, if you have a question after hours simply call our practice and you will have access to care at no charge!

The experienced veterinary professionals at GuardianVets will offer phone triage and direct you to the nearest emergency room if needed. If the issue is non-emergent, GuardianVets will help you request an appointment for the next business day!

Please visit the GuardianVets website for key details regarding terms of service:

We understand your pet's health needs do not always fall within our operating times, and sometimes concerns may come up after hours. We at My Vet Animal Hospital want to make sure that your needs are always met. Our goal is to provide you the best customer service possible and always be there for you when you need it.

As a complimentary service to our clients, we will be providing triage support from veterinary professionals. Should you have a concern regarding the health of your furry companion, GuardianVets will guide you towards the best solution until we open the doors in the morning.

We are committed to our clients and patients, and we are here for your call, no matter the hour! We are excited to offer this service to you on April 2, 2019 and are looking forward to hearing feedback from you, our valued clients!

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