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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with your Cat

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Cat:

Valentine’s Day sneaks up on us right after we finally decompress from holiday stress. Suddenly, we’re expected to show our appreciation of one another with material objects and cheesy Hallmark cards. I think not! This year, I’ll be avoiding the stress and celebrating the day with my favorite boy, Jax. And you can too! Here’s a beginner’s guide to opting out of a traditional Valentine’s Day in favor of a low-key night with your cat.

Jax is ready for his snuggles.

1.The Movie

Nothing is chiller than an animal that spends an average of 17 hours a day sleeping. You’ll get no push back about staying in and binging your latest Netflix obsession with your cat. Feeling in the mood for a quick, heartwarming movie? Tune into the new documentary ‘Catwalk’ for a look inside Canada’s competitive Cat shows. Rather lose yourself in a series? Try Glen Zipper’s docuseries ‘Dogs’ and celebrate the bond between human’s and their four-legged companions. Want to turn on the water works to a classic? I dare anyone to make it through ‘Homeward Bound’ without shedding at least one tear. Go on - get sappy - it’s Valentine’s Day!

2. What’s for dinner?

Hey - there’s no right or wrong answer with this one but personally speaking, why deal with the mess of a cleaning up after yourself? Order in your favorite takeaway. Heart-shaped pizza extra cheese? Yes. A light, fresh Poke bowl with fire sauce? Yes please. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Feeding your cat is a lot the same. There’s a variety of food available at your local pet stores and it can be daunting. A good rule of thumb approved by My Vet Veterinarians is to try feeding canned food over dry food. It’ll ensure your feline friend gets adequate hydration on top of a lower-phosphorus and calorie count. Cat’s deserve treats just as much as any other animal companion! Check out some low-calorie, limited protein options to mix it up a little.


I don’t think Valentine’s Day can truly be enjoyed without indulging. What better way than with an extremely extra box of chocolates? Just like power woman extraordinaire Elle Woods go on and take a bite out of every delectable truffle from an oversized heart-shaped box. The dangers of chocolate toxicity aren’t the same with felines. Of course, if you have canine companions in the home, it’s important to be vigilant about storing chocolate out of reach. Keep your goodies behind closed cabinets that are high enough away so no animal could accidentally stumble upon them. Valentine’s Day should be about overindulging and having fun but safety is key.

As always - take lots of pictures, give lots of kisses and enjoy those extra warm feelings you can only get from your four-legged Valentine.

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