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Cold Weather? Snow Problem!

Cold weather? Snow Problem

We have been fairly lucky this winter in Chicago with mild temperatures, but the winter season has just begun! Once the temperatures drop and it is no longer comfortable to brave the dog park, we have found some local activities to keep you and your pooch from going stir crazy with cabin fever this winter.

ARFIT -CHICAGO CANINE CORE STRENGTH CLASSES: 1647 W. Cortland Street, Chicago, Il 60622

Located just two doors down from My Vet is our pal Tod at Arfit Dog Therapy Chicago, located inside Bucktown Bow and Meow Pet Spa. Here you can join small group Canine Core Strength Classes starting Thursdays in February. You and your pooch will learn how to improve strength and balance and overall mobility through a series of exercises. A great way to beat the winter blues and keep those New Year resolutions together.

DOGGY PADDLE AQUATIC CENTER FOR DOGS: 1430 West Willow Street, Chicago, Il 60622

Doggy Paddle is located right in the Bucktown neighborhood and offers various options to keep you and your pup active and entertained. Whether your pup needs beginning swim lessons, a calm swim, or an active group play, they have you covered.

PAWS CHICAGO- DOG AGILITY: 1933 N Marcey St, Chicago, IL 60614

Have some indoor fun while learning new tricks! Paws Chicago offers multiple levels of agility course training. Your pup can learn to navigate tunnels and weave through poles like a pro! What a fun way to beat the cold!

With all these fun activities there is no reason you and your pooch can’t make the most of the winter by getting out and learning something new together (all while staying warm indoors!).

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