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My Vet is Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a tradition that originated in central and southern Mexico.

It is celebrated the night of November 1st, when the souls of their loved ones come to visit and ending the morning of November 2nd.

Those who celebrate Dia de Los Muertos believe in remembering and reuniting with the souls of their deceased. People celebrate by making beautiful altars that are decorated with colorful flowers, candles, pictures and ofrendas, offerings, usually their loved ones favorite food. Skull are symbol of Dia de Los Muertos. Skulls are usually gifted by the deceased loved ones to be placed on the altar to remember and honor those who are no longer with us. Sugar skulls are also placed on the altars. The art on the skulls reflects the folk art style of happy smiles. My Vet Animal Hospital has joined this tradition and has made an altar for our beloved pets that are no longer with us. We invite everyone to bring a picture of their cat or dog to share on this altar to remember and honor our pets. You can also bring an ofrenda (offering), such as a toy or your pets favorite snack as they will also be displayed on our altar.

Key to our Altar:

1. Colorful Flowers/ FLORES DE COLOR: This is the “Door” to heaven (after life).

2. Skulls/ CALAVERAS: Honor those who no longer are with us (we have placed sugar skulls, which are traditional for Dia de los Muertos celebration).

3. Tissue Paper Flags/ BANDERAS DE PAPEL PICADO : Folk art and decorations for Mexican FIESTAS

4. Candles/ VELADORAS: Candles guide the soul of your pet towards their OFRENDAS(offerings). (if you look closely our candles have been decorated by one of our technicians, Jeanna, handmade skull and La Catrina designs).

5. Clay Water Jug/ JARROS DE BARRO: This water jugs are left for the pets to drink water out of them after their long journey from heaven (after life).

6. Photo/ FOTOGRAFIA: Placing the Photo of your pet will help you remember them and they will make their journey to the altar where their photo was placed to enjoy the offerings.

7. Offerings/ OFRENDAS: In traditional decorated clay plates you have to place your pets favorite snacks or food. Symbolically their souls will come and eat the food on the altar.

8. (a, b, c) Floor mats/ PETATES or ZARAPES: a. PETATE b. and c. Zarapes This is symbolically a floor mat so the pets can use them to lay on them or sit on them while they feast.

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