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My Vet is going Fear Free!

The current consumer climate demands innovation and modernity among professionals and businesses. In keeping with the expectations of our clients’ veterinary medicine is constantly adjusting best practice.

Here at My Vet our staff and doctors focus on creating the best experience for our patients. We’re proud to announce that My Vet Animal Hospital is going Fear-Free! Every permanent staff member, from the client-care coordinators to the doctors, will complete a multi-course certification program and become Fear Free Certified Professionals!

A Fear-Free certification sets us apart from other clinics as our practices center on a philosophy that encourage only positive patient experience by reducing their overall fear, anxiety and stress. Our staff and doctors utilize environmental and behavioral adjustments that are specific to stress-free interactions with our patients.

So – what exactly can you expect when coming in for your appointments?

Our staff and doctors will promote the wellness and health of your pet through considerate approach and gentle control. We will guide our patient interactions to be as minimal of stress, anxiety and fear as possible. You’ll notice new tasty treats during our exams and diagnostics including peanut butter and spray-cheese. Or, extra time in exams to ensure your dog or cat acclimate to the techs and veterinarian. The focus in Fear-Free is on your individual pet’s needs. As always you remain the expert on your furry friend! Talk to our staff about what works best for your pet and what concerns you may have for the vet visit. We’ll work as a team to provide the best care for you and your pet. Fear-Free begins at home! Our client-care coordinators may encourage you to fast your pet prior to appointments so that they’ll be extra excited for our treats.

We know that our feline friends have extra sensitivity to the veterinarian’s office. My Vet Animal Hospital offers a feline-only room that will have a calming hormone diffuser as well as cat specific treats. You and your cat will be invited into our cat room as soon as you come into our lobby. Our techs will spend some time with you during your exam and offer Fear-Free tips to transporting cats as well as gentle approaches during physical exams and diagnostics.

Our hope is that by going Fear-Free we will better the experience not only for our clients but for our patients. By focusing on reducing anxiety, stress and fear the patient can bond to our staff and create positive associations with the vet office. Ask our staff about how we can make your next visit Fear-Free!

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